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Recommended Roast: Light to dark roast

Flavor Profile: Sweet, medium to full body, chocolate

Tasting Notes: Bittersweet cocoa, milk chocolate, nuts, toffee, smoky, dark chocolate, butter, cinnamon, toasted nuts/raisins

Experience the unique essence of Guatemala with Custom Joe Roasters' select coffee beans sourced from the esteemed Fina Nueva Granada farm. Nestled between the towering volcanoes of the San Marcos region, this farm benefits from a rare terroir rich in volcanic ash, contributing to the coffee's distinct character.

Indulge in the richness of chocolate, intertwined with the subtlety of nuts and the warmth of toffee, all enhanced by a smoky whisper reminiscent of dark chocolate, butter, and cinnamon. Each sip promises a journey to the heart of Guatemala, where the coffee cherries are nurtured by natural spring waters and shade-grown practices to ensure sustainability and environmental harmony.

Elevate your coffee experience with our versatile roasting options, tailored to highlight the bean's natural sweetness and robust body. Join us at Custom Joe Roasters in savoring a cup that not only tastes exceptional but also tells the story of its remarkable origin.

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The Custom Joe Difference

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    Experience our commitment to your perfect cup—your beans re-roasted to perfection at no charge

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    Our team makes small-batch artisan made-to-order offerings, so each bean is crafted with care

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    Support a local, women and veteran owned business that prioritizes people over profits

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