CJ Roasting features Organic Fair-Trade Coffee

Three regional coffee bundles with a world of flavors.  This is a great way to try different coffee you might not normally receive a good opportunity at a good price. Your selection can make a great gift to family and friends that also love coffee. Your $30 will get you three different 12 oz bags of whole bean coffee artisan roasted as you wish. 

Artisan Custom Roasting For You

We flipped the entire coffee concept.  At Custom Joe Roasting, everything we do and offer is all about you and what you want.  That’s the way it should be.

We don’t keep an inventory of steadily-growing-stale coffee and hope you’ll buy it before it is past its prime.  We don’t force you to accept what we guess you might like in terms of roasting style.

Instead, we keep fresh raw beans – “green” beans – and we only roast them after you have placed an order.  We roast your coffee, exactly the way you instruct, and send it out to you as soon as it has been roasted, cooled, and bagged.

There is no fresher coffee anywhere.  If it was fresher, it would be “too fresh”!  Coffee requires a few days to stabilize after roasting.

And – yes – it makes a huge difference in flavor.  That’s why we do it.

Our Experience

We’ve been in the coffee field in the Seattle area for over 25 years.  We’ve had coffee carts and coffee huts.  We’ve provided coffee for very many people, and have learned that people have different tastes and preferences and that the limited range of normal pre-roasted coffees seldom exactly matched people’s tastes.

So we have focused our business on giving you exactly what you want.  That’s why the first word in our name is “Custom”.  It’s all about you.

Our Coffees

We source our beans from the major coffee producing regions of the world – Africa, Asia, and both Central and South America.  We offer you a selection of single origin beans, and have carefully crafted a handful of blends that give you a composite flavor experience.

Browse through our choices, then choose the beans you want and the roasting style that you most enjoy.

Custom Service

Remember, we provide custom roasting based on your preferences and instructions.  If there’s anything special you want, simply let us know.  We’re eager to help in any way we can.