Unroasted Beans

Unroasted beans offer adventurous coffee enthusiasts the chance to personalize their brew. Witness the transformation of flavor and aroma as you roast,and craft a coffee that reflects your unique taste and preferences.

Light Roast

Our light roasts accentuate the coffee bean's inherent sweetness and lively acidity. Explore subtle hints of citrus, berry, and floral notes in every sip – ideal for those who enjoy a vibrant coffee experience.

Medium Roast

Medium roasts strike a delicious balance between sweetness and body. Enjoy mellower acidity, along with inviting notes of caramel, chocolate, and nuts – the perfect choice for your everyday coffee ritual.

Medium Dark Roast

Medium-dark roasts offer a bolder flavor profile, blending a touch of bittersweetness with robust coffee notes. Savor hints of toasted nuts and dark chocolate for a coffee that leaves a satisfying, lingering finish.

Dark Roast

Discover the power of dark roasts, delivering a full-bodied, smoky-sweet experience. Reduced acidity gives way to pronounced notes of dark chocolate, roasted nuts, and a hint of spice – perfect for espresso or a potent brew.