Flavoring: Mellow acidity and a strong caramel sweetness, perhaps with a nutty undertone. Sweet and medium-bodied with a blackberry finish.  this has the most recognizable coffee flavor to most North Americans.

We source our Colombian coffee from the Huila region.  This region, in the Magdalena River valley, is known for its prevalence of cloud.  That, and a rain forest canopy above the coffee plants, softens the harshness of the sun, and results in a well known style considered one of the best in Colombia.

The coffee is sustainably grown by many small farms in the valley.

The recommended roast of a Columbian coffee bean is a medium roast.

Blonde coffee is a light to medium roasted coffee from Latin America or east Africa.

This coffee is normally roasted MEDIUM DARK and usually we send it to you WHOLE BEAN.  Please view our roast types page to determine the roast you desire.

If you desire a different roast or grind beyond those offered here, please enter your customization in the NOTE field on the CHECKOUT page prior to clicking the button to purchase your coffee.

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Full Pound (16 oz), Three-Fourths Pound (12 oz)


Light Roast, Medium Roast, Medium Dark Roast, Dark Roast


Automatic Drip, Espresso, Whole Bean