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The beans we feature from Africa come from Ethiopia, Tanzania,  Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi. Ethiopia and Tanzania beans have a more full bodied flavor. Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi have a lighter coffee body. All have a floral and fruity flavor notes. Some have chocolate, black current, and other darker fruit tasting notes.

Lighter bodied coffees suit themselves well for a light to medium roast. Full bodied beans preferred roast is from light to medium dark.

Blonde Coffee is traditionally a lighter bodied coffee from Latin America or east Africa roasted light to medium to your taste.

Your choices will be roasted per your selection and packaged to three separate 12 oz of begs of coffee. You decide what you want from Africa and how you want it. Three 12 oz bags of whole bean coffee normally cost $41.97.

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Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 7.125 × 10 × 2.625 in