Cupping Notes

MONSOONED MALABAR COFFEE: – A creamy mellow coffee with medium body, medium acidity, deep pleasing undertones, an exceptionally smooth cup. Flavor characteristics are notes of baker’s chocolate, smoky tobacco/wood notes, slight spice, with a molasses like finish. There is no other coffee in the world that can match the uniqueness of this one!

KENYA AA COFFEE: – The leading edge in cup is savory, and grapefruit like, the body is light/medium and satiny in mouthfeel, while impressively round and full, with flavor nuances of chocolate, black currant, blueberry, and citrus. A very pleasant, crisply-sweet and savory cup that should be featured in your coffee repertoire!

BURUNDI COFFEE: – A fine single origin Burundi coffee exhibits a clean, delicate flavor that is rich in body and acidity. Burundi coffees characteristically have sweet berry tastes, floral notes, and a berry-like aroma. If you are after the delicate berry/floral aromas and tastes then you will want this coffee roasted to a light or medium roast level. In contrast the Burundi coffees offer a surprisingly vibrant/complex cup at the dark Espresso or Italian roast level. Try it for yourself. Order a light roasted Burundi and a dark roasted Burundi today. You will be surprised at the versatility of this fine coffee!

YIRGACHEFFE COFFEE: – This is the original ever popular Ethiopian heirloom coffee with that ‘everything wonderful’ flavor profile the cup is roundly sweet in structure, with a gentle pleasing edge, a full plush mouthfeel with pleasant, deeply-toned chocolaty notes in body, and the characteristic floral/lemon/slight blueberry nuances that blend in perfect harmony to create a special cup of coffee. A coffee of this stature should always have its place in your pantry!

RWANDA COFFEE: – A bright delicately fruity coffee with a smooth body. Sweet lemonade acidity with flavor nuances of peach, berries, and black tea. This coffee is best at a medium roast level and makes an excellent pour-over!

TANZANIA PEABERRY COFFEE: – A rare high grown African coffee with a smooth buttery body, flavor nuances of Bing cherry, ginger, lime, and fruit cocktail, with a fragrant aroma, lively acidity, and a pleasant dry finish. The uniquely intense flavor nuances of this coffee are a real treat in the Light to Medium roast range!

KENYA AA COFFEE: – The leading edge in cup is savory, and grapefruit like, the body is light/medium and satiny in mouthfeel, while impressively round and full, with flavor nuances of chocolate, black currant, blueberry, and citrus. A very pleasant, crisply-sweet and savory cup that could be featured in your coffee repertoire!

COSTA RICA COFFEE: – If you have ever visited Costa Rica, one of the most memorable experiences will likely have been taste of its fine coffee. Whether you have visited Costa Rica or not this coffee will be a real treat for you. These coffees are noted for their delightful, and classic, piquant acidity, with a lively winey flavor which is recognized by coffee drinkers who understand and admire exceptional Costa Rican flavor profiles. These coffees tend to run a bit more on the expensive side, but given the fine quality of these coffees, this is to be expected. If you enjoy a fine Central American coffee your search is over, this one is for you.

GUATEMALA COFFEE: – A rich full-bodied coffee especially at darker roasts, smooth with notes of milk chocolate, caramel, and orange. Pleasant, sophisticated taste, intense aroma, a well-balanced cup. This is a versatile coffee everyone needs on their shelf!

BLUE MOON COFFEE: – It is often said that Blue Moon coffees stand out as a jewel among the Indonesian coffees due to their overwhelmingly rich, syrupy dark chocolate notes, a pleasant creamy mouthfeel, and a spiced finish. The typical Indonesian earthiness takes a backseat with the Bali Blue Moon coffees. The stunning cup qualities of this organically grown coffee make this coffee one of our top selling coffees. Try the Bali Blue Moon at the Espresso Roast level and you will see why it is so popular!

JAVA DUTCH ESTATE COFFEE: – Our Java Dutch Estate Coffee is exceptional at a blonde roast level where the cup is balance, heavily bodied, and delicious. A chocolaty body with pleasant fruity flavor nuances, spice notes of cinnamon and clove, finishes quicker than the other Indonesian coffees. This is perhaps the best blonde roast coffee that you can find anywhere!

SULAWESI COFFEE: – A delightful Indonesian coffee that promises satisfaction and leaves you desiring more. Its full-bodied earthy/chocolaty body structure is vibrant yet sweet with deep toffee/caramelized sugar notes, it has some sweet, winy/berry overtones, a little spice, and a slight smokiness in the finish at the Espresso Roast level. If you desire a well-balanced vibrant sweet coffee with earthy/chocolaty/spice notes this Sulawesi will make an excellent choice!

SUMATRA COFFEE: – A well-balanced coffee known for its syrupy heavy body structure, its low acidity, and the rich earthy/chocolaty tastes that it exudes in the cup. There are notes of spice and brown sugar, with winey/dried fruit overtones, a cocoa aroma, with a clean chocolaty aftertaste. This coffee will produce an unparalleled rich/smoky cup at the Heavy French level, yet many prefer the milder cup that is produced at the Espresso Roast level. If you are serious about your coffee then you will not want to pass by this highly regarded offering from Sumatra!

Brazil Peaberry: – A smooth mouthfeel, with rich chocolate-sweet hazelnut taste. There are slight hints of raspberry in the cup, with an intense cocoa/hazelnut aroma. An outstanding cup at the Medium Roast level. If you like hazelnut nuance this is your coffee for sure!

COLOMBIA SUPREMO: – Our Colombia Supremo coffee is sourced from small to medium sized farms located near the city of Pereia in the department of Risaralda, Colombia. Coffee is cultivated on farms that average 2.5 hectars in size. Producers pick and process coffee at their own micro-wet mill, then dry the coffee on elevated tables inside solar dryers to protect the coffee from the nearly continuous rainy season. Supremo coffees are large bean coffees. You will notice the larger bean size. These larger beans typically offer more roast uniformity and a cleaner tasting cup of coffee. Order outstanding Supremo beans today!

PERU COFFEE * This is a sweet complex coffee with deep flavor notes. Features gentle acidity, a nice full body, floral/smoky overtones, slightly tart, flavor nuances of honey, milk chocolate, and orange, the finish is bright and aromatic. Smooth, bright, and complex, an elegant coffee that you will want to try!

Vietnam Lotus SHG: Chocolate Creme, Honey, Nutty, Toffee