Our Custom Service


We roast our coffee in small batches, no more than 2.5 pounds at a time.  This allows us to have better control over the roasting process.  We manually roast based on temperature and appearance, to bring the best in roasting to our customers.  After we complete the roasting process, we allow the roasted beans to sit for 16-24 hours.  We refer to this as resting the beans, allowing the ambiance of the roasting to complete.  We then package and ship to the customer within 24 hours. 

When roasting our coffees for our customers, we actually guarantee either 12oz or 16oz roasted weight.  Due to loss of moisture within the green bean, we actually start with either 15.5oz or 21oz of green beans.  You are going to receive a full 12oz or 16oz after the roasting is completed. 



We will typically roast your order within a day of when the order is placed.  After your coffee is roasted, we allow the coffee to sit between 16 and 24 hours.  This is to allow the coffee to age, and the actual flavors and aroma to develop.  After the resting period, we package and ship your coffee.  As a general rule, your coffee will arrive within 4 days of shipping.