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Flavoring: You can sense notes of jasmine flower, bergamot and blueberry in aftertaste. The body of he coffee is not very strong and acidity is mild and pleasant. In general, Ethiopian coffees are heavy and winey or floral and tea like. Juicy, fruity (blueberry, lemon), very clean and bright, full body.

Ethiopia is a very special place for coffee lovers.  It is where the Coffea arabica coffee plant originated.  According to legend, a 9th century goatherder noticed the energizing effect the plant had on his goats, and the rest is, as they say, history (and very much the present as well – Ethiopia is the largest coffee producer in Africa, and also the largest consumer, per person).

Yirgachefe (sometimes spelled Irgachefe) is in the central southern part of the country, and is altitudes ranging from 6150 – 6300 ft.  It produces excellent high-altitude coffee with a fragrant flowery note and sweet spicy lower notes.  It has a unique and distinctive full body taste and is considered to be the finest of the Ethiopian coffees. It has a great roast range  from light to dark with excellent flavor, and can be roasted across the entire spectrum of roasting styles.

The recommended roast of a Etheopian coffee bean is from a light roast to a medium dark roast.

Blonde coffee is a coffee bean roasted from a light to medium roast coming from Latin America and east Africa.

This coffee is normally roasted MEDIUM DARK and usually we send it to you WHOLE BEAN.  Please view our roast types page to determine the roast you desire.

If you desire a different roast or grind beyond those offered here, please enter your customization in the NOTE field on the CHECKOUT page prior to clicking the button to purchase your coffee.

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Light Roast, Medium Roast, Medium Dark Roast, Dark Roast


Automatic Drip, Espresso, Whole Bean


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